[dpdk-dev] [PATCH 0/4] Extend --lcores to run on cores > RTE_MAX_LCORE

Song, Keesang Keesang.Song at amd.com
Fri Feb 21 09:19:18 CET 2020

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Thanks Thomas for bringing this up.
I consider this is not a new feature, but rather a fix to address the issue with statically assigned maximum lcore limit on high-density CPU platform such as AMD Epyc.
As I see a lot of DPDK adopters are still using LTS 18.11 & 19.11, and they have 1~2 yrs of lifetime left, we like to backport this to LTS 18.11 & 19.11 at least.

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Subject: Re: [dpdk-dev] [PATCH 0/4] Extend --lcores to run on cores > RTE_MAX_LCORE

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21/01/2020 01:24, Thomas Monjalon:
> 02/12/2019 16:35, David Marchand:
> > We are currently stuck with no option but recompile a DPDK if the 
> > system has more cores than RTE_MAX_LCORE.
> > A bit of a pity when you get a system with more than 200+ cores and 
> > your testpmd has been built and packaged with RTE_MAX_LCORE == 128.
> >
> > The --lcores does not need to care about the underlying cores, 
> > remove this limitation.
> > David Marchand (4):
> >   eal/windows: fix cpuset macro name
> >   eal: do not cache lcore detection state
> >   eal: display all detected cores at startup
> >   eal: remove limitation on cpuset with --lcores
> The patches look good but it is very hard to review parsing code (last patch).
> We will better experience corner cases after merging.
> Applied for -rc1, thanks

This patch was merged in 20.02.
We don't have any feedback about issues so it's probably working fine.

It is solving a problem for running DPDK on machines having a lot of cores.
Now the difficult question: is it a new feature or a fix?
Should we backport this patchset?

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