[dpdk-dev] Marvell DPDK 20.05 Roadmap

Jerin Jacob Kollanukkaran jerinj at marvell.com
Thu Feb 27 08:49:41 CET 2020

# Add High-performance CTF based native tracer support.
RFC: https://www.mail-archive.com/dev@dpdk.org/msg154457.html
- Infrastructure to enable trace for dpdk library and applications
- UT and performance test cases for tracer
- Add trace points to ethdev, cryptodev, and eventdev library as a start.

# Introduce Graph subsystem for data/packet processing.
RFC: http://patches.dpdk.org/cover/65432/.
# Add basic packet processing nodes to work with the Graph subsystem.
# Example l3fwd-graph application to showcase the graph subsystem and basic packet processing nodes.
# v1 will be send based on TB and internal approvals. If there is no time then probably
postpone nodes and example application submission to v20.08.

# introduce IF proxy library
RFC: http://patches.dpdk.org/cover/64667/
# Add new rte_flow action to steer traffic to given PCIe device.
# Add l2fwd support for forwarding between asymmetric ports.
# octeontx2:
- Add rte_tm support.
- Add devargs for locking the NDC context for NIX and NPA.
# octeontx:
- Multi-segment support
- Setting link up and down
- Rx/Tx HW offload checksum
- Flow control - pause frame
# Thunderx:
- Setting link up and down

# Event mode additions in ipsec-secgw

# octeontx2:
- Lookaside protocol support
- Crypto event adapter support

# Nitrox:
- Add 3DES_CBC, AES_CTR and AES_GCM symmetric crypto algorithms

# Complete the specification
# Review the common code from Mellanox when it is ready
# Add libpcre based SW driver.

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