[dpdk-dev] Minutes of Technical Board Meeting, 2020-01-29

Olivier Matz olivier.matz at 6wind.com
Fri Jan 31 13:36:59 CET 2020

Minutes of Technical Board Meeting, 2020-01-29

Members Attending

- Bruce
- Ferruh
- Hemant
- Honnappa
- Jerin
- Kevin
- Konstantin
- Olivier (chair)
- Stephen
- Thomas

NOTE: The technical board meetings every second Wednesday on IRC
channel #dpdk-board, at 3pm UTC. Meetings are public and DPDK community
members are welcome to attend.

NOTE: Next meeting will be on Wednesday 2020-02-12 @3pm UTC, and will be
chaired by Stephen.

1/ Integration of SAD capability in ipsec-secgw

   With v5, performance drop is less than 2% on x86, so it can be
   integrated if the performance is confirmed on other archs.

2/ Guidelines for examples and apps distributed in DPDK repository

   - In dpdk/examples directory, the applications should demonstrate
     the API usage in priority, and the performance (ideally both).
   - If both goals cannot be reconciled in the example application, a
     performance application can be created in dpdk/app (for main

3/ ICC support in DPDK

   - It was already agreed that compilers supported in DPDK are GCC and
     CLANG: http://mails.dpdk.org/archives/dev/2019-June/135847.html
   - However patches for ICC support are accepted.
   - An ICC compilation warning should not be fatal.
     (note: this is already the default for meson builds).
   - Some ICC compilation warnings will be disabled at a global level

4/ Name of repository for kernel modules

   On 2019-11-06, we decided to move igb_uio in a separate repository
   before 20.11:

   A repository will also be needed to host netuio for Windows.

   The name of this repository will be *dpdk-kmods*.

   AR for Jerin: write the deprecation notice for removal of igb_uio.
   already done: http://inbox.dpdk.org/dev/20200130165853.693270-1-jerinj@marvell.com

5/ Reorganize EAL to ease windows port integration

   Thomas will propose a patch to simplify the layout of

6/ ABI topics

   In 20.02-rc1, some possible ABI breaks were found in meter, crypto
   and security libraries: to be checked and fixed before the release.

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