[dpdk-dev] Minutes of Techboard meeting 2020-03-11

Bruce Richardson bruce.richardson at intel.com
Wed Mar 18 10:20:53 CET 2020

Attendees: all tech-board members attended

DPDK Scope & rte_graph Proposal
* As previously discussed at the last meeting rte_graph will be accepted into
  DPDK, but the question of what repository it is to be put into was not agreed
* Concern was raised as to the amount of content in the DPDK repository,
	* non-hardware related functionality, i.e. pure software libs for
	  packet processing
	* unused or abandoned code/libraries in DPDK
* Suggestion was made that perhaps some libraries, such as rte_graph and
  others, should be split into a separate repo
	* brings back the idea of the core vs non-core DPDK
	* distro's want to be able to optionally not include some DPDK
	  libraries, and this may aid that
	* key difficulty remains how to determine what remains in main
	  repo and what gets split out
* No consensus was reached on splitting out libraries from main repo
* Decision was made that, lacking that consensus, rte_graph should not be
  blocked from merge to the main repo
* Consensus also reached that we should always endeavour to remove any dead
  code from DPDK, be it unused examples, libraries or drivers.

Userspace Conference and Call for Papers
* Only one DPDK event currently planned for this year:
	* DPDK Userspace, Bordeaux, Sept 24-25
* Draft CfP was already circulated for discussion among technical board with
  some discussion taking place via email
* Discussion was held on the format of the conference:
	* Suggestion was to separate one day for user talks about how DPDK
	  was used by applications - both OSS and proprietary
	* Other day (assuming 2 day conference) was to cover DPDK internals
	  and additions
	* Agreement that time for an in-person technical board meeting should
	  be built into the agenda
	* Thomas, on behalf of Techboard, will enquire whether event can be
	  stretched to more than two days, e.g. 2 1/2 to account for
	  additional user content
	* Techboard is happy to take on the task of reviewing and
	  accepting/rejecting the proposals for the conference.

Other Business
* Reviews are requests on web page changes for the CI, replacing the
  community lab page with a more general one on testing:

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