[dpdk-dev] DPDK Release Status Meeting 5/11/2020

Ferruh Yigit ferruh.yigit at intel.com
Thu Nov 5 13:42:15 CET 2020

Meeting minutes of 5 November 2020

* Release Dates
* Highlights
* -rc2 status
* Subtrees

* Arm
* Broadcom
* Debian/Microsoft
* Intel
* Marvell
* Nvidia
* Red Hat

Release Dates

* v20.11 dates
   * -rc2 is released on      Wednesday, 4 November 2020
     * http://inbox.dpdk.org/dev/2353813.dmDHS9aCqr@thomas/
   * -rc3 as quick fix is planned today, 5 November 2020
   * -rc4 pushed to           *Friday, 13 November 2020*
   * Release:                 Wednesday, 25 November 2020


* In -rc2 an issues has been found in the testpmd and a quick -rc3 is planned
   today with a hotfix.

   This will shift the numbering of the release candidates, previous -rc3 will
   now be -rc4, please do not confuse with this shift.

-rc2 status

* There is preliminary test result since -rc2 was only yesterday,
   * The testpmd issue (mentioned above) has been reported, which is blocking
     some set of tests.
     * The issue has been introduced in the commit:
       * Reverting this commit enables testing until the issue is addressed with
         a hotfix (and a possible quick new release candidate).


* main
   * mbuf changes merged into the -rc2
     * some mbuf fields converted to dynamic field, for:
       * userdata fields (udata64)
       * sequence number field (seqn)
       * timestamp field (timestamp)
     * next step is to move mempool pointer to first cacheline
   * The mbuf changes done late in this release cycle, future mbuf
     related changes should be done as  community wise effort
   * There are issues in the language correction patchset
     * Although people agree to get it, there is not enough people
       doing the reviews.
       * Needed more detailed review for them
   * Discussed with Juraj about the status of Arm build option patchset
     * https://patches.dpdk.org/project/dpdk/list/?series=13572

* next-net
   * Nothing yet in the next-net after -rc2
   * Planning to get txgbe second set for next release candidate
     * After some requested fixes to initial set done
   * Will merge fixes after this point

* next-crypto
   * All patches merged for -rc2
   * enqueue & dequeue callbacks postponed to next release

* next-eventdev
   * DLB patches merged for -rc2
     * There were two drivers DLB/DLB2
       * HW is different but how big the difference is, can two PMDs combined
         into single PMD to reduce code clutter?
         * Will follow up with the author
   * There is no outstanding patches for now

* next-virtio
   * Nothing major left in the backlog
   * There will be fixes

* next-net-intel
   * No update

* next-net-mlx
   * More fixes in the backlog

* next-net-mrvl
   * No more patch expected

* next-net-brcm
   * A couple of features, no more feature

DPDK Release Status Meetings

The DPDK Release Status Meeting is intended for DPDK Committers to discuss the
status of the master tree and sub-trees, and for project managers to track
progress or milestone dates.

The meeting occurs on every Thursdays at 8:30 UTC. on https://meet.jit.si/DPDK

If you wish to attend just send an email to
"John McNamara <john.mcnamara at intel.com>" for the invite.

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