[dpdk-dev] DPDK Release Status Meeting 22/10/2020

Ferruh Yigit ferruh.yigit at intel.com
Thu Oct 22 16:42:32 CEST 2020

Meeting minutes of 22 October 2020

* Release Dates
* -rc1 status
* Subtrees
* OvS
* Opens

* Arm
* Broadcom
* Debian/Microsoft
* Intel
* Marvell
* Nvidia
* Red Hat

Release Dates

* v20.11 dates
   * -rc1 is released on Tuesday, 20 October 2020
     * http://inbox.dpdk.org/dev/1695913.Ws3t40NQoN@thomas/
   * -rc2:           	Friday, 30 October 2020
   * Release pushed to   *Wednesday, 25 November 2020*

   * Nvidia Mellanox, Marvell, Broadcom & Arm already sent roadmap, all
     contributors please send roadmap for the release.

-rc1 status

* Not much testing results yet, -rc1 is fresh out

* Microsoft testing may have found some issues, will report when clarified


* main
   * working on documentation patch for make removal
   * power APIs, planning to merge them
   * language updates from Stephan
     * not ready, still getting CI errors
   * fib6 patchset planned for -rc2
   * lpm, accepted by techboard yesterday, will proceed with it
   * hash, integrate RCU QSBR
     * waiting confirmation from Window side

* next-net
   * Most of the ethdev patches merged, including cleanups
     * Two sets not able to make the -rc1 and postponed to next release
   * new txgbe PMD
     * Planning to merge for -rc2
   * Fixes and driver updates will be merged for -rc2

* next-crypto
   * ~18 patches in the backlog
   * detailed review not done for enqueue callbacks on cryptodev
     * May miss the release
   * bbdev app is planned for -rc2

* next-eventdev
   * Waiting next version of DLB
     * The umwait/umonitor instructions self contained in the driver
       * Dependent power library APIs for above instructions may merged
         in a few days
         * Will manage these based on which set merged first

* next-virtio
   * Some patches reviewed and ready for merge
     * Adrian's virtio-user server mode fix
     * VQ metadata
   * add async data path in vhost sample planned for -rc2

* next-net-intel
   * More patches expected for -rc2

* next-net-mlx
   * 2 patchset ready, ~40 more patches
   * More patches expected for -rc2

* next-net-mrvl
   * 5-10 patches expected for -rc2

* next-net-brcm
   * A few fixes in the internal review, everything under control
   * There is a licensing issue in one of the set, needs fixing


* Next 18.11 release will be 18.11.11
   * This will be last 18.11 release
   * Working on backporting conflicted commits

* Next 19.11 release will be 19.11.6
   * just started working on it


* It is important for DPDK that OvS compiles fine with latest version of DPDK


* There are still open coverity issues, please check them

* Security issues
   There is no update in the current ones

DPDK Release Status Meetings

The DPDK Release Status Meeting is intended for DPDK Committers to discuss the
status of the master tree and sub-trees, and for project managers to track
progress or milestone dates.

The meeting occurs on every Thursdays at 8:30 UTC. on https://meet.jit.si/DPDK

If you wish to attend just send an email to
"John McNamara <john.mcnamara at intel.com>" for the invite.

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