[dpdk-dev] [dpdk-announce] release candidate 20.11-rc1

Pei Zhang pezhang at redhat.com
Thu Oct 29 04:45:29 CET 2020

Hello Thomas,

Testing with dpdk 20.11-rc1 from Red Hat looks good.

We cover below 16 scenarios and and all get PASS on RHEL8 testing:

(1)Guest with device assignment(PF) throughput testing(1G hugepage size): PASS
(2)Guest with device assignment(PF) throughput testing(2M hugepage size) : PASS
(3)Guest with device assignment(VF) throughput testing: PASS
(4)PVP (host dpdk testpmd as vswitch) 1Q: throughput testing: PASS
(5)PVP vhost-user 2Q throughput testing: PASS
(6)PVP vhost-user 1Q - cross numa node throughput testing: PASS
(7)Guest with vhost-user 2 queues throughput testing: PASS
(8)vhost-user reconnect with dpdk-client, qemu-server: qemu reconnect: PASS
(9)PVP 1Q live migration testing: PASS
(10)PVP 1Q cross numa node live migration testing: PASS
(11)Guest with ovs+dpdk+vhost-user 1Q live migration testing: PASS
(12)Guest with ovs+dpdk+vhost-user 1Q live migration testing (2M): PASS
(13)Guest with ovs+dpdk+vhost-user 2Q live migration testing: PASS
(14) Allocate memory from the NUMA node which Virtio device locates: PASS
(15)Host PF + DPDK testing: PASS
(16)Host VF + DPDK testing: PASS


kernel 4.18
qemu 5.1
dpdk: git://dpdk.org/dpdk   

# git log -1
commit c3afd1cba69bd7a900fd63c02cc87fba8d74430a

# git branch
* main

NICs: X540-AT2 NIC(ixgbe, 10G)

Best regards,


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To: announce at dpdk.org
Sent: Wednesday, October 21, 2020 12:50:13 AM
Subject: [dpdk-dev] [dpdk-announce] release candidate 20.11-rc1

A new DPDK release candidate is ready for testing:

There are 1265 new patches in this snapshot, being the biggest -rc1 ever.
Like the previous LTS, the API of this -rc1 is exceptionnally not frozen.
More major changes are pending for -rc2.

Release notes:

Highlights of 20.11-rc1, grouped by category:
* General
	- write combining store API
	- prefetch with intention to write API
	- cldemote API
	- SIMD bitwidth limit API
	- Windows PCI netuio
	- moved igb_uio to dpdk-kmods/linux
	- removed Python 2 support
	- removed Make support
* Networking
	- CRC optimization for Intel AVX-512
	- Rx buffer split
	- thread safety in flow API
	- shared action in flow API
	- flow sampling and mirroring
	- tunnel offload API
	- multi-port hairpin
	- Solarflare EF100 architecture
	- vhost-vDPA backend in virtio-user
	- removed vhost dequeue zero-copy
	- SWX pipeline aligned with P4
* Baseband
	- Intel ACC100 driver
* Cryptography
	- raw datapath API
	- Broadcom BCMFS symmetric crypto driver
* RegEx
	- Marvell OCTEON TX2 regex driver
* Others
	- ACL optimized for Intel AVX-512
	- Intel DSA support in IOAT driver

Please test and report issues on bugs.dpdk.org.
DPDK 20.11-rc2 is expected at the end of this month.
Let's be reactive and focus on this important milestone.

Thank you everyone

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