[dpdk-dev] Minutes of Technical Board Meeting 2020-07-15

Stephen Hemminger stephen at networkplumber.org
Tue Sep 8 23:00:28 CEST 2020

Members Attending

- Bruce
- Ferruh
- Honnappa
- Jerin
- Kevin
- Konstantin
- Olivier
- Stephen (chair)
- Thomas

The technical board meetings takes place every second Wednesday on IRC
channel #dpdk-board, at 3pm UTC. Meetings are public and DPDK community
members are welcome to attend.

Next meeting will be on Wednesday 2020-07-29 @3pm UTC, and will be
chaired by Thomas.

Coordinating the DPDK virtual Event
There are about 20 submissions so far for the upcoming DPDK virtual
conferences. The plan is for two sessions of 3 hours each.
Proposals to be reviewed and finalized in coming weeks.
A couple sessions based on techboard interests were proposed.
One on getting more involvement and the other is about documentation.

Decision for content in the event comes from techboard, but we are
open to feedback from any interested party.

The final agenda was discussed in a follow on Jitsi call
on July 27.2020

Open items for 20.08

Nothing special, nothing critical is pending. The global RTE_DEBUG change
needs more review and feedback. Rte_atomic deprecation is still waiting
for review.

Summer is slow maybe DPDK should consider to changing to 3 releases a year?

There is no one actively maintaining the documentation. The existing
documentation needs restructing and current volunteer model is not
enough. Several members expressed desire to get Linux Foundation board
to fund someone to be the documentation maintainer.

A proposal was made to request/require a unit test for each new
feature? This was got unanimous support but more discussion need be
for it is made mandatory. 

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