[dpdk-dev] [PATCH v1 00/20] net/txgbe: add VF driver support

Ferruh Yigit ferruh.yigit at intel.com
Tue Feb 2 19:07:56 CET 2021

On 1/22/2021 9:47 AM, Jiawen Wu wrote:
> This patch adds txgbevf PMD as a part of txgbe PMD.
> Jiawen Wu (20):
>    net/txgbe: add ethdev probe and remove for VF device
>    net/txgbe: add base code for VF driver
>    net/txgbe: support add and remove VF device MAC address
>    net/txgbe: get VF device information
>    net/txgbe: add interrupt operation for VF device
>    net/txgbe: get link status of VF device
>    net/txgbe: add Rx and Tx unit init for VF device
>    net/txgbe: add VF device stats and xstats get operation
>    net/txgbe: add VLAN handle support to VF driver
>    net/txgbe: add RSS support for VF device
>    net/txgbe: add VF device promiscuous and allmulticast mode
>    net/txgbe: support multicast MAC filter for VF driver
>    net/txgbe: support to update MTU on VF device
>    net/txgbe: support register dump on VF device
>    net/txgbe: start and stop VF device
>    net/txgbe: add some supports as PF driver implemented
>    net/txgbe: support VF representor
>    net/txgbe: hardware support for VF representor
>    net/txgbe: support VLAN filter for VF representor
>    doc: update release note for txgbe

Hi Jiawen,

I put some comments on some patches, can you please send a new version with updates?

And I want to note that it is specially hard to review this PMD because it is 
clone of complete and complex ixgbe driver.
So most of the code is already ready, we are tying to structure it logically for 
upstreaming it but it is not possible to review the details of this much feature 
in this short time.

For those feature we are relying on the Wangxun to test all these features, and 
to confirm this, can it be possible for Wangxun to send some test results for 
this release?

Similar to those reports:

Also quick test results for the -rc2 & -rc3 can be very helpful, if you can 
provide, like:


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