[dpdk-dev] [PATCH 00/17] bugfixes and small functionality for hns3

Ferruh Yigit ferruh.yigit at intel.com
Wed Feb 3 10:24:48 CET 2021

On 2/3/2021 7:46 AM, Lijun Ou wrote:
> This patch series add some bugfixes and some small
> functions. In order to fix some bugfixes, we had to
> do some code rework, for example patch[13/17].
> Chengchang Tang (6):
>    net/hns3: support module EEPROM dump
>    net/hns3: add more registers to dump
>    net/hns3: fix stats flip overflow
>    net/hns3: replace all atomic type with C11 atomic builtins
>    net/hns3: fix cmdq cleared during firmware process
>    net/hns3: fix VF reset after MBX failed
> Chengwen Feng (4):
>    net/hns3: implement cleanup for Tx done
>    net/hns3: constraint TM peak rate
>    net/hns3: remove MPLS type from supported flow items
>    net/hns3: fix FD rule residue in hardware when malloc fail
> Huisong Li (5):
>    net/hns3: fix query order of link status and link info
>    net/hns3: fix link status change from firmware
>    net/hns3: encapsulate a port shaping interface
>    net/hns3: support PF on electrical net device
>    net/hns3: add check for max pkt length of Rx
> Lijun Ou (1):
>    net/hns3: fix RSS indirection table size
> Min Hu (Connor) (1):
>    net/hns3: add enhance stats function

Hi Lijun,

Is this for next release or current release?
We are a day away from the -rc3 and a week (almost) away from the actual 
release, it is safer to limit the patches to fixes at this stage.

If above set is for this release, can you please make a new version to have only 
fixes, and leave the new supports and refactoring and not important fixes to 
next release?


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