[dpdk-dev] [dpdk-stable] [PATCH v13 0/4] raw/ifpga: add extra OPAE APIs

Huang, Wei wei.huang at intel.com
Mon Feb 22 02:59:05 CET 2021

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Subject: Re: [dpdk-stable] [PATCH v13 0/4] raw/ifpga: add extra OPAE APIs

10/02/2021 02:48, Wei Huang:
> Cyborg is part of OpenStack, it needs some OPAE APIs to manage devices 
> with Intel FPGA. The first three patches implement extra APIs to meet 
> Cyborg requirement. The last patch add an example to show how to use 
> these APIs.
> Main changes from v12:
> - implement ifpga APIs in rte_pmd_ifpga.c
> Wei Huang (4):
>   raw/ifpga: add fpga rsu APIs
>   raw/ifpga: add APIs to get fpga information
>   raw/ifpga: add miscellaneous APIs
>   examples/ifpga: add example for ifpga APIs

Not sure we want to add an example for a driver-specific API.
Thomas, this example has two purposes, one is for how to use ifpga API, the other is to create static library for Cyborg application.
PS: please use --in-reply-to to keep all versions in the same thread.

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