[dpdk-dev] Minutes of Technical Board Meeting, 2021-02-10

Ferruh Yigit ferruh.yigit at intel.com
Mon Feb 22 09:57:05 CET 2021

Minutes of Technical Board Meeting, 2021-02-10

Members Attending: 12/12
   - Aaron Conole
   - Bruce Richardson
   - Ferruh Yigit (Chair)
   - Hemant Agrawal
   - Honnappa Nagarahalli
   - Jerin Jacob
   - Kevin Traynor
   - Konstantin Ananyev
   - Maxime Coquelin
   - Olivier Matz
   - Stephen Hemminger
   - Thomas Monjalon

NOTE: The Technical Board meetings take place every second Wednesday
on https://meet.jit.si/DPDK at 3 pm UTC.
Meetings are public, and DPDK community members are welcome to attend.
Agenda and minutes can be found at http://core.dpdk.org/techboard/minutes

NOTE: Next meeting will be on Wednesday 2021-02-24 @3pm UTC,
and will be chaired by Hemant.

#1 Asia DPDK Event (www.dpdk.org/event/dpdk-summit-apac-2021/) status
    * CFP notifications are sent to speakers
    * Waiting for review/approval from the technical board for the schedule

#2 Documenting criteria on adding/removing members to technical board
    * Thomas will prepare a draft to be reviewed by technical board

#3 Community lab
    * There is a request from technical board to have a daily coverage. This
      coverage is mainly to be able to get a response to lab issues within a
      week day, instead of waiting a few days before someone looks to it. Request
      is not full time work for every day
    * Testing lead, and other users that testing lead thinks necessary, must have
      some level of permissions and control in the lab infrastructure to be able
      to response to the issues
    * Aaron will document the testing leader role details

#4 Testing requirement for new PMDs
    * New PMDs need to send test report at least for the first release that the
      driver is added
    * Ferruh will send a process update patch

#5 DMARC on mailing list
    * This is impacting email delivery from dpdk.org, Ali already sent a follow
      up email describing the problem and with some possible solutions
    * Ali/Thomas will share the proposals with more detail to vote on them

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