[dpdk-dev] [PATCH v2 1/7] eal: add wrappers for POSIX string functions

Nick Connolly nick.connolly at mayadata.io
Mon Feb 22 19:36:44 CET 2021

>> There seem to be two viable approaches to handling this:
>> 1. Expect the platform to provide POSIX semantic (through an external
>>     ...
> I'd prefer not to see this be a requirement of the platform. There have
> been multiple attempts over the years to provide a POSIX surfaces
> on Windows which arguably haven't been that successful.
'viable' was the wrong word - I can't see a general-purpose POSIX 
surface giving a good outcome.

> It would be helpful if DPDK dependence on POSIX APIs were limited to
> be only as necessary to improve portability to non-POSIX platforms.

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