[dpdk-dev] [PATCH 1/2] config/arm: fix Hisilicon kunpeng920 SoC build

oulijun oulijun at huawei.com
Wed Feb 24 10:17:46 CET 2021

在 2021/2/24 15:41, Thomas Monjalon 写道:
> 24/02/2021 02:34, oulijun:
>> 在 2021/2/10 17:41, Thomas Monjalon 写道:
>>> 03/02/2021 13:46, Lijun Ou:
>>>> From: Chengchang Tang <tangchengchang at huawei.com>
>>>> Because of the '9ca2f16' have merged, the current hns3
>>>> pmd driver can not be directly complied on the kunpeng920
>>>> server board. Therefore, we need to fix the meson build.
>>>> Besides, add kunpeng 920 SoC meson cross compile target.
>>>> Fixes: 9ca2f16faa7f ("config/arm: isolate generic build")
>>> Why do you think this patch is fixing the one above?
>>> It looks just a new config, not a fix. Am I missing something?
>> I'm sorry to see you so late. In the meantime, we are celebrating the
>> Spring Festival. This patch fixes the problem. If the patch is not
>> added, the latest version cannot be directly compiled on the Kunpeng 930
>> server board.In addition, the cross compilation configuration file is added.
> Please can you explain what was removed which breaks your compilation?
I understand that implementation_id is identified in 9ca2f16. If the 
configuration file does not contain implementation_id, it will be 
displayed as unsupported.

The error as follows:
config/arm/meson.build:227:2: ERROR: Problem encountered: Unsupported 
Arm implementer: 0x48. Please add support for it or use the generic 
(-Dmachine=generic) build.

Besides, we use the -Dmachine=generic, the bug is not resolved.
the cmd as:
  meson build or meson -Dmachine=generic build
> .

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