[dpdk-dev] [PATCH 09/13] net/hns3: fix maximum frame size update after buffer alloc

Ferruh Yigit ferruh.yigit at intel.com
Fri Feb 26 16:25:32 CET 2021

On 2/24/2021 1:28 AM, Lijun Ou wrote:
> From: Chengchang Tang <tangchengchang at huawei.com>
> After MTU changed, the buffer used to store packets in HW should be
> reallocated. And buffer size is allocated based on the maximum frame
> size in the PF struct. However, the value of maximum frame size  is
> not updated in time when MTU is changed. This would lead to a packet
> loss for not enough buffer.
> This patch update the maximum frame size before reallocating the HW
> buffer. And a rollback operation is added to avoid the side effects
> of buffer reallocation failures.
> Fixes: 1f5ca0b460cd ("net/hns3: support some device operations")
> Fixes: d51867db65c1 ("net/hns3: add initialization")
> Cc: stable at dpdk.org
> Signed-off-by: Chengchang Tang <tangchengchang at huawei.com>
> Signed-off-by: Lijun Ou <oulijun at huawei.com>

Isn't the patch title should say 'before', like:
net/hns3: fix maximum frame size update _before_ buffer alloc

Or perhaps I get the patch wrong...

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