[dpdk-dev] DPDK Release Status Meeting 21/01/2021

Ferruh Yigit ferruh.yigit at intel.com
Thu Jan 21 13:04:00 CET 2021

Meeting minutes of 21 January 2021

* Release Dates
* Highlights
* -rc1 status
* Subtrees
* Opens

* Arm
* Broadcom
* Debian/Microsoft
* Intel
* Nvidia
* Red Hat

Release Dates

* v21.02 dates
   * -rc1 is released on Tuesday, 19 January 2021
     * http://inbox.dpdk.org/dev/4846307.Pfn0FrbqUJ@thomas/
   * -rc2                Friday, 29 January 2021
   * -rc3                Friday, 5 February 2021
   * Release pushed to   *Wednesday, 17 February 2021*

   * Release date may conflict with Chinese New Year, we need to discuss and
     define the release date offline in the mail list, please comment.


* Need to finalize the 21.02 release date on the mail list.

* pmdinfogen will be switched to python implementation, CI / testing
   infrastructures should prepare themselves for the 'pyelftools' dependency.
   The patchset to verify the infrastructure in advance:
   * https://patches.dpdk.org/project/dpdk/list/?series=13153

-rc1 status

* No testing result received yet.

* Two build errors detected, virtio for Arm and mingw cross build.


* main
   * There are built errors with -rc1
     * Arm virtio build error, asked for help
     * Mingw cross builds, with older versions of compiler
   * Build related updates can continue for -rc2
     * Applied changes were mostly for Arm
     * New build options can be added
   * pmdinfogen python rewrite not merged for -rc1, but planned for -rc2
     * This may break the CI / test infrastructures because of 'pyelftools'
       * This has been called out many times, will merge at this point
   * Intel power management series
     * Partially merged, ethdev & eal part merged, power library part is
       * power library get a new version
         * Thomas has concern about the power library design, it looks like
           designed for a specific case and not generic
           * Currently there is not better suggestion, will proceed if no
             there is no objection
   * Header check patchset merged partially
   * ABI checks, some exceptions added
     * Exceptions should be reviewed carefully
     * We lost Travis automated ABI checks
       * There is github actions checks but it is not sending reports back to
         * There is a work going on for reporting
       * Authors either check ABI themselves or explicitly check the github
         actions test results for it
         * Can check automated test from:
   * Is ring library refactoring work stalled? Arm will check.
     * https://patches.dpdk.org/project/dpdk/list/?series=14405

* next-net
   * Following ehtdev patches not able to make the -rc1 and postponed to next
     * ethdev: introduce representor type
       * last version sent late for -rc1
     * add apistats function
       * Not clear if this is right approach, more comments required
     * Also there are some ethdev patches from previous releases, they need to be
       cleaned up, most probably will be done in next release.
   * For -rc2, there are
     * octeon_tx endpoint driver
     * ionic set
     * various driver and testpmd fixes
     * patchsets that first version sent after -rc1 will get less priority

* next-crypto
   * There is new compressdev PMD for the -rc2
   * Also an ABI break discussion is going on

* next-eventdev
   * no update

* next-virtio
   * The big refactor set work is going on
     * Plan is to merge it for -rc2 if it is ready
   * Intel vhost example review is going on, planned for -rc2
   * There are some concerns on Alibaba's PIO mapping patch
     * Not able to test but there is potential issues
   * Struct packing series has less priority against the refactoring sets,
     and can wait the refactoring sets to be merged first.

* next-net-mlx
   * -rc1 looks OK
   * A couple of patches already merged for the -rc2
   * A few more is expected

* next-net-brcm
   * A few fixes in the backlog

* next-net-intel
   * Progressing

* next-net-mrvl
   * mvpp2 is expected for the -rc2


* v18.11.11 is released
   * http://inbox.dpdk.org/dev/20210120155818.388598-1-ktraynor@redhat.com
   * This is the last release of the 18.11 LTS, thanks to all contributors

* v19.11.7
   * Luca will start working on patches

* v20.11.x
   * Kevin will step down from the 20.11 LTS maintainership, volunteers are


* Coverity scans are automated but not able to assign defects

* Milestone doc is still pending
   * https://patches.dpdk.org/patch/86455/

DPDK Release Status Meetings

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