[dpdk-dev] Minutes of Technical Board Meeting, 2021-06-16

Thomas Monjalon thomas at monjalon.net
Wed Jul 14 17:15:27 CEST 2021

Members Attending: 12/12
	- Aaron Conole
	- Bruce Richardson
	- Ferruh Yigit
	- Hemant Agrawal
	- Honnappa Nagarahalli
	- Jerin Jacob
	- Kevin Traynor
	- Konstantin Ananyev
	- Maxime Coquelin
	- Olivier Matz
	- Stephen Hemminger
	- Thomas Monjalon (Chair)

NOTE: The Technical Board meetings take place every second Wednesday
on https://meet.jit.si/DPDK at 3 pm UTC.
Meetings are public, and DPDK community members are welcome to attend.
Agenda and minutes can be found at http://core.dpdk.org/techboard/minutes

NOTE: Next meeting will be on Wednesday 2021-06-30 @3pm UTC,
and will be chaired by Aaron.

1/ DTS workgroup

A group is working on DTS (DPDK Test Suite) feedbacks
with the target of making DTS test mandatory for new features,
starting with 22.05.

The tests are being listed in 2 categories: reviewed / non-reviewed
so it does not block DTS development while introducing some new policies.

There are many questions like how to manage DPDK code and DTS tests
in separate repositories? What is the scope of DTS?
How to manage limited HW availability?

Working document:

2/ UNH report

There is a document of Community Lab updates to read carefully:

The report will be discussed during the next techboard meeting.

3/ IRC network

It seems freenode is not a trusted/working IRC network anymore.
We need to choose a new place for quick discussions.
OFTC is an old trusted network, Libera.Chat is in continuation of freenode.
Libera.Chat is chosen to be the network used by the DPDK community.
Our default channel is #DPDK.

4/ CVE

The vulnerabilities are better managed since Cheng Jiang joined the effort.
Thanks to him.

5/ techboard policies

There is document in progress to better define the techboard policies:

We will try to get an agreement in mid-July meeting.

6/ ABI

Ray, Bruce, Ferruh and Thomas worked on a plan to improve the ABI stability
with the objective of extending the compatibility period to 2 years:

After discussing the status and the focus of next improvements,
it has been decided to share a spreadsheet for volunteering:

The objective should be discussed in details during the next meeting.

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