[dts] DPDK Test Suite 1.0 Release

Qiu, Michael michael.qiu at intel.com
Fri Dec 19 08:13:30 CET 2014

Great, this tool will help all DPDK developers. And reduce the bugs of DPDK.

On 12/19/2014 1:44 PM, Cao, Waterman wrote:
> DPDK Test Suite 1.0 Release Announcement
> We are very pleased to announce that DPDK Test Suite 1.0 (DTS) is released 
> by intel now. DTS is an automation test tool for DPDK software, a python-base 
> library. It can run on remote tester machine, and communicate/manage test device
> by SSH connection. This tool also supports different kinds of traffic generators,
> including DPDK-based PacketGen, third-party professional tester equipment(IXIA).
> DTS is composes of one set of test cases and automation test framework. Since 
> Based on DTS, DPDK developers and testers can build their test cases and 
> verify their patches with these function test. It only requires less effort 
> to maintain test cases once merged into DTS. Since DPDK Test Suite is an open 
> source test tool, Everyone can utilize DTS to measure performance and 
> functionality for features. 
> In the future, we will continue to upgrade DPDK Test Suite to support DPDK 
> software package based on DPDK release timeline, and provide stable version 
> for each DPDK formal release. Currently, DPDK Test Suite 1.0 will support 
> the latest DPDK release version 1.8. 
> You can download latest DPDK test suite from the following link:
> http://dpdk.org/git/tools/dts 
> In addition, one mailing list was created as dts at dpdk.org. This mailing list is 
> used to post regression test report for DPDK software, answer questions 
> about DTS, and receive patches for DPDK Test Suite. Also you can discuss 
> issues and seek for validate solution of DPDK features with this mailing list.
> Marvin Liu(Yong.liu at intel.com)from Intel will maintain DPDK Test Suite code, 
> and responsible for code merge. We are very welcome that other volunteers who 
> interested in DPDK Validation can join in us to maintain this tool.
> Since DPDK Test Suite includes some generic test suites, plans and one test 
> framework. Please see features list as the followings.
> DTS features:
> - Support SSH connection and manager tester, test device and IXIA generator
> - Automatically discover network topology
> - Automatically deploy DPDK on DUT (Device under Test) which installed 
>   Fedora18/20, Ubuntu12/14, FreeBSD 10, etc.
> - Support Wind River DPDK-based software traffic generators and IXIA 
>   traffic generator
> - Able to transmit, capture and analyze packets by Scapy
> - Provide solution to develop user-defined test suite and test plan
> - Provide customized configuration file
> - Export validation results as RST format and excel format
> - Support logging system to track automation execution.
> Example Test Suites:
> - Blacklist/Whitelist: EAL whitelist/blacklist feature
> - Command line       : RTE command line interface
> - Multi process      : DPDK share information between process
> - Timer              : EAL timer feature
> - Testpmd            : Poll Mode driver packet integrity, packet checksum, 
>                        performance benchmark
> - L2fwd              : layer-2 (L2) forwarding application
> - L3fwd              : Layer-3 Forwarding application
> - Jumbo Frame        : Poll Mode Drivers for jumbo frames feature
> - Ieee1588           : IEEE1588 Precise Time Protocol offload feature
> - Checksum offload   : RX/TX L3/L4 checksum offload feature
> - Flow direction     : NIC flow director feature
> - VLAN               : NIC VLAN offload feature
> - Link flowctrl      : NIC link flow control feature
> - Link bonding       : Poll mode driver link bonding feature
> - IP fragment        : IPv4 and IPV6 fragmentation feature
> - Packet framework   : IP pipeline by DPDK packet framework feature
> Finally, DTS is open to everyone. Everyone is welcomed to use this tool, 
> submit test cases and share knowledge with community. 
> We hope that DTS can help to improve quality of open source patch and 
> leverage effort with every members in community.
> Best Regards
> Intel DPDK Validation Team

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