[dts] Bond feature can't running well on 40G i40e NICs

lhffjzh lhffjzh at 126.com
Thu Feb 5 03:03:16 CET 2015

Hi DPDK maintainers,


We encounter confusion recently which is 40G i40e NICs bond issue, our
bonding logic as below, the ixgbe bonding is running well both 1.7.1 and
1.8.0, but i40e are all failed.


Create bond port -> config slave ports(tx/rx) -> start slave ports -> add
slave port into bond port -> start bond port -> tx/rx on bond port


On 1.7.1, the 40G bonding port always can't be started, them status are down
and speed are 0.

On 1.8.0, the 40G bonding port start and send network package correctly, but
can't receive any package with BONDING_MODE_BALANCE
349cb9771>  mode and all policies like BALANCE_XMIT_POLICY_LAYER2. In
03dc4184f>  mode, bonding port can send/receive a few network packages(less
than 100) per seconds.


Could you please help us for this? any clue is welcome.



Thanks and Regards,



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