[dts] online doc

Thomas Monjalon thomas.monjalon at 6wind.com
Mon Jan 19 16:30:21 CET 2015


DTS GSG is now online:

Please, would it be possible to move doc/dts_gsg to doc/gsg ?
It would be better to manage future URL of DTS docs.

I don't know if the version number of DTS is written in the doc.
It could be helpful to be sure we are reading the right doc.

There is no version number in git (tag).
By pushing a tag v1.0, an archive will be automatically generated
and could be available in the download page.

Last comment about the doc: the pictures are in binary format (png).
Please try to use source format (with preference for svg).
Source files have 3 advantages:
	- It allows others to modify the picture (true open source).
	- It is lighter to download, especially when there are many versions
		of a picture in the repository.
	- It allows to see the changes (git diff), especially for labels.


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