[dts] Adding support for a new NIC on DTS

Eric Kadison ekadison at broadcom.com
Thu Sep 3 00:35:56 CEST 2015

Hi everyone,
I'm trying to add support for a new NIC to DTS.  It is clear that the driver needs to be identified in the settings.py file (by adding to the NICS dict the device name (as the key) and PCI ID (as the value), and then adding the kernel driver name (as value) to the same key in the DRIVERS dict).  Did I miss anything?

After entering my DUT host computer information in crbs.py, and setting up execution.cfg, I expected some basic tests to run.  The hello_world test ran successfully, but it does not bind my ports to the igb_uio driver.  So no test that tries to run I/O runs.  In fact, it looks like the code in the project_dpdk.py file in set_target tries to bind the NIC to the kernel driver.  Can anyone point me at a solution?

Test configuration use DTS from the master branch and DPDK 2.0.

Eric Kadison

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