[dts] Minimum Tester/DUT configuration

Liu, Yong yong.liu at intel.com
Thu Dec 15 15:00:12 CET 2016

John, thanks for your information.

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> Subject: [dts] Minimum Tester/DUT configuration
> Hi All,
> We have configured a tester and a DUT for DTS testing, both machines are 4
> core systems, one running ubuntu 14.04 and the other ubuntu 16.04 OS's .
> Before we plug our hardware into the tester we are trying to establish
> ground truth using a 2 port Fortville eagle card in the tester and one in
> the DUT.  The DTS documentation indicates that a minimum system requires 4
> ports so my first question is, can some of the tests run with a 2 port
> configuration and is there any documentation that indicates which tests
> require all 4 ports ?   The basic tests like hello_world, timer, and
> cmdline pass, but when we attempt run tests like l2fwd we get the
> following error indicating that 4 ports are required.

Each case may have different requirements like port number, core number, some kinds of dpdk configuration etc.
Most of cases only require 2 ports and four cores, some performance case like l3fwd required more cores and ports. 
Some simple case like hello just require few cores.  There's no existing document for each case requirement by now.
We have plan to add configuration for each case which can get these information.

For l2fwd case, it required 2 ports and 4 cores on the DUT. 
Just from your log, look like dts did not scan out enough port which matched Fortville eagle device's ID.

>                 INFO:
> TEST SUITE : TestL2fwd
>                 INFO: NIC :        fortville_eagle
>                ERROR: set_up_all failed:
> Traceback (most recent call last):
>   File "/work/dts/framework/test_case.py", line 223, in execute_setup_all
>     self.set_up_all()
>   File "/work/dts/tests/TestSuite_l2fwd.py", line 66, in set_up_all
>     "Not enough ports for " + self.nic)
>   File "/work/dts/framework/test_case.py", line 146, in verify
>     raise VerifyFailure(description)
> VerifyFailure: 'Not enough ports for fortville_eagle’
> Also the DPDK mutilprocess test documentation indicates that the test
> should run with only 2 ports.  However when we attempt to run we get the
> following error.  The error looks like it is a result of the test
> attempting to use more lcores than are available on the DUT.  Although i
> could change the test script to avoid this, I would like to know if there
> is a configuration parameter that i missed that should be set to the
> number of cores on the DUT.

That's just what we want to enhance. Most of our cases run on Intel 2 socket platform, and has enough memory and cores.
We just noticed that some platforms may not have enough resources as we have. Some of the cases have been modified for reduce requirements and some of them not.
We will work on that continuously and you can directly send patch to make sure cases also work on your platform.
When case configuration feature is done, I think it will be more easily to gadapt to different platforms.  

>          DTS_DUT_CMD:
> [] ./examples/multi_process/simple_mp/simple_mp/x86_64-native-
> linuxapp-gcc/simple_mp -n 1 -c 0x6 --proc-type=primary
>        SUITE_DUT_CMD:
> [] ./examples/multi_process/simple_mp/simple_mp/x86_64-native-
> linuxapp-gcc/simple_mp -n 1 -c 0x60000 --proc-type=secondary
>                ERROR: Test Case test_multiprocess_simple_mploadtest Result
> FAILED: TIMEOUT on ./examples/multi_process/simple_mp/simple_mp/x86_64-
> native-linuxapp-gcc/simple_mp -n 1 -c 0x60000 --proc-type=secondary
>                ERROR: EAL: Detected lcore 0 as core 0 on socket 0
> EAL: Detected lcore 1 as core 1 on socket 0
> EAL: Detected lcore 2 as core 2 on socket 0
> EAL: Detected lcore 3 as core 3 on socket 0
> EAL: Detected lcore 4 as core 0 on socket 0
> EAL: Detected lcore 5 as core 1 on socket 0
> EAL: Detected lcore 6 as core 2 on socket 0
> EAL: Detected lcore 7 as core 3 on socket 0
> EAL: Support maximum 128 logical core(s) by configuration.
> EAL: Detected 8 lcore(s)
> EAL: lcore 17 unavailable
> EAL: invalid coremask
> Usage: ./examples/multi_process/simple_mp/simple_mp/x86_64-native-
> linuxapp-gcc/simple_mp [options]
> Thank you,
> -John

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