[dts] framework v2: hugepages, cpuinfo, connect x3 support and bug fixes

gowrishankar gowrishankar.m at linux.vnet.ibm.com
Thu Mar 10 10:28:55 CET 2016

On Wednesday 09 March 2016 10:04 AM, Liu, Yong wrote:
> Thanks, Gowrishankar. Your patches have been merged into next branch. There'll be some basic validations on it before merged back to master.
Thank you Yong.

As far as yocto specific need on lscpu, either their os image itself 
need to include concerned util package
or we need to fallback to /proc/cpuinfo parsing only for yocto in run 
time. If latter option is considered,
Is huilongx planning to add patch on top of next ?.


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>> Subject: [dts] framework v2: hugepages, cpuinfo, connect x3 support and
>> bug fixes
>> Following are set of patches addressing below:
>> 1. hugepages setting and cpu info parsing for powerpc environment in a
>> platform
>>     independent way.
>> 2. enable connect x3 support to run DTS.
>> 3. some bug fixes in framework as well as tests handling numa, cpu
>> coremask
>>     and expected output.
>> Changes from version 1:
>>   - interface name for second port sharing same PCI id is stored in
>> variable 'intf2'
>>     instead 'peer' as earlier, also relavant function names.
>>   - check interface name and mac retrieved from DUT scan.
>> Thanks,
>> Gowrishankar

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