[dts] l2fwd Test_Suite: two very short questions

Xu, Qian Q qian.q.xu at intel.com
Mon May 9 03:43:14 CEST 2016

See my comments below. 


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Hello, DTS people,

I looked into the l2fwd Test Suite of DTS, and I have two very short questions:
What does PCT stands for ?
[QIAN]PCT means percentage. It should be PCT=throughput/(line rate) x100%. 
I assume that Mpps is Mega Packets Per Second, is it so ?
[QIAN]Yes, correct. 

Second Question:
We have:
self.core_config = "1S/4C/1T"
What does "1S/4C/1T" mean ?
[QIAN] 1S/4C/1T means 1 socket, 4 core, each core using 1 thread. 

Kevin Wilson

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