[dts] [PATCH V2] tests/sriov_kvm: fix can't receive packets failure

Liu, Yong yong.liu at intel.com
Mon Aug 28 23:46:44 CEST 2017

Thanks, fangfang. Applied in with some modification in commit log.
Word "host" was replaced with "PF device" to make commit log more clear.

On 08/28/2017 12:08 PM, Fangfang Wei wrote:
> Fix DPDK-3276: reopen set port 0 vf rxmode BAM on failed
> When reopen set port 0 vf rxmode BAM on, vm can't receive packets, because
> RX buffer is full on host when host receives too many packets if host only
> run testpmd without "start" command.
> RX buffer will be cleaned just when start forward packets.
> If we not run "start", rx buffer will be full, and can't receive new packets.
> In this case, we don't want pf forwarding packets, so we set fwd rxonly, and
> start forwarding on host.
> Signed-off-by: Fangfang Wei<fangfangx.wei at intel.com>

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