[dts] [PATCH V1] add test plan pass through

Liu, Yong yong.liu at intel.com
Fri Jun 9 14:44:08 CEST 2017

Still confused with your comment, in known issue list only mentioned 
about uio_pci_generic and igb_uio legacy mode.
It has no relation to pci stub pass-through. As I known, Forville can 
work with pci-stub and vfio-pci pass-through.

Please check again and add pci-stub pass-through in the test plan.


On 05/18/2017 05:24 PM, xu,gang wrote:
> +
> +Prerequisites
> +=============
> +Support i40e and ixgbe driver.
> +
> +Fortville pci does not support pci-stub driver to start VM with PF pci pass-through,
> +so used vfio driver.
> +Refer:
> +http://www.dpdk.org/doc/guides/rel_notes/known_issues.html#uio-pci-generic-module-bind-failed-in-x710-xl710-xxv710
> +http://www.dpdk.org/doc/guides/rel_notes/known_issues.html#igb-uio-legacy-mode-can-not-be-used-in-x710-xl710-xxv710
> +

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