[dts] [PATCH v3] VF daemon DPDK PF + DPDK VF test suite

Lin, Xueqin xueqin.lin at intel.com
Thu Mar 9 02:56:27 CET 2017

Hi marvin,

This step detaches VFs from the host, I don't see any crash/unstable for this step on my environment. 
Ok, I will try to avoid this step.

Best regards,

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As I mentioned before, please not rmmod kernel in DTS for stability. You can do it before by manually or just bind vf device driver in the execution process.


On 03/09/2017 03:21 AM, Xueqin Lin wrote:
> +        self.dut.generate_sriov_vfs_by_port(
> +            self.used_dut_port, 2, driver=driver)
> +        self.sriov_vfs_port = self.dut.ports_info[
> +            self.used_dut_port]['vfs_port']
> +        self.dut.send_expect("rmmod %svf" % self.kdriver, "# ")
> +        self.dut_testpmd = PmdOutput(self.dut)

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