[dts] [PATCH V1] add --crc-strip param when starting i40evf driver testpmd

Rosen, Rami rami.rosen at intel.com
Wed Mar 22 21:52:01 CET 2017

Hi, Gang,

Won't it be better to move the comment about the need to use "t--xqflags" downward, so that it will be located immediately before the code line it refers to?  Thus:

@@ -101,6 +100,12 @@ class PmdOutput():
     def start_testpmd(self, cores, param='', eal_param='', socket=0):
+        black_dic = {'i40evf':' --crc-strip'}
+        for (pci_bus, pci_id) in self.dut.pci_devices_info:
+            driver = get_nic_driver(pci_id)
+            if black_dic.has_key(driver):
+                if black_dic[driver] not in param:
+                    param += black_dic[driver]
         # in dpdk2.0 need used --txqflags param to open hardware features
         if "--txqflags" not in param:
             param += " --txqflags=0"

Rami Rosen
Intel Corporation

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