[dts] DTS documentation update on dpdk.org

Thomas Monjalon thomas at monjalon.net
Tue Dec 11 10:15:36 CET 2018


11/12/2018 08:56, Tu, Lijuan:
> Hi Thomas,
> Can I ask how it is to trigger the DTS document update on dpdk.org?
> I checked the doc build locally, and there is no build errors, then I make the DTS tag using "git tag -a 18.11".
> I supposed the DTS document will be updated automatically, but actually I find still the old document on web pages.

The tag is expected to start with "v":
	git tag -am dts-18.11 v18.11

Please try again with tag v18.11.
Note: you can remove previous tag 18.11.

My advice: use 18.11 as branch name and v18.11 as tag name.

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