[dts] Question about config file handling for DTS

Owen Hilyard ohilyard at iol.unh.edu
Fri May 21 19:47:57 CEST 2021

I've been spending a lot of time working with the DTS config files
recently, and I noticed that the ports config is only linked to a CRB via
expecting the IP address of the DUT to be a section in the ports config
file. Is there a reason for this behavior? It seems to me like it would
make more sense to have the CRB config file specify the name of an entry in
the ports config file.

This is mostly a workaround for many of the functional tests not running
when performance testing is turned on. The community lab currently
maintains two DTS installations on the tester side-by-side to get around
this problem, but fixing this seems like it would allow the community lab
to use a single DTS installation per tester, greatly easing
automated deployment.
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