[dts] [PATCH] vm_pw_mgmt_policy: fixes core mask and driver

Tu, Lijuan lijuan.tu at intel.com
Mon May 24 08:01:08 CEST 2021

> 1. Now vm_power_manager only grants access to the cores listed
>    in its coremask, so change core number to be the one
>    from vm_power_mgr core mask.
> 2. Replaced driver igb_uio to vfio-pci
> 3. Resetsynchronize system clock after the test completion.
> Relevant DPDK patch:
> http://patches.dpdk.org/project/dpdk/patch/20210115125250.22416-1-
> david.hunt at intel.com/
> Signed-off-by: Zbigniew Sikora <zbigniewx.sikora at intel.com>


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