[dpdk-stable] [dpdk-dev] [PATCH] examples/qos_sched: fix uninitialized scalar variable

Thomas Monjalon thomas at monjalon.net
Tue Oct 24 23:58:46 CEST 2017

24/10/2017 11:09, Jasvinder Singh:
> Fix problem with uninitialized rx/tx deferred_start flags of the struct
> rte_eth_rxconf/txconf by initializing with 0 value (deferred start of
> the rx/tx queues is turned off). This setting allows device rx/tx
> queues to start with rte_eth_dev_start().
> Coverity issue: 194999, 195009 (Uninitialized scalar variable)
> Fixes: de3cfa2c9823 ("sched: initial import")
> Cc: stable at dpdk.org
> Signed-off-by: Jasvinder Singh <jasvinder.singh at intel.com>

Applied, thanks

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