[dpdk-test-report] |WARNING| pw32434 [PATCH RFC 13/23] eal/memory: make use of dynamic memory allocation for init

checkpatch at dpdk.org checkpatch at dpdk.org
Tue Dec 19 12:09:56 CET 2017

Test-Label: checkpatch
Test-Status: WARNING

_coding style issues_

ERROR:OPEN_BRACE: open brace '{' following function definitions go on the next line
#55: FILE: lib/librte_eal/linuxapp/eal/eal_memory.c:1326:
+static int
+eal_hugepage_init(void) {

WARNING:UNSPECIFIED_INT: Prefer 'unsigned int' to bare use of 'unsigned'
#90: FILE: lib/librte_eal/linuxapp/eal/eal_memory.c:1361:
+			unsigned num_pages = hpi->num_pages[socket_id];

total: 1 errors, 1 warnings, 84 lines checked

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