[dpdk-test-report] |WARNING| pw31638 [PATCH 5/7] test/eventdev: opdl eventdev pmd unit test func and makefiles

checkpatch at dpdk.org checkpatch at dpdk.org
Mon Nov 27 12:25:19 CET 2017

Test-Label: checkpatch
Test-Status: WARNING

_coding style issues_

WARNING:EMBEDDED_FUNCTION_NAME: Prefer using '"%s...", __func__' to using 'cleanup', this function's name, in a string
#268: FILE: test/test/test_eventdev_opdl.c:216:
+	printf("cleanup for test done


WARNING:SUSPECT_CODE_INDENT: suspect code indent for conditional statements (40, 40)
#619: FILE: test/test/test_eventdev_opdl.c:567:
+					} else {
+					return -1;

total: 0 errors, 2 warnings, 1096 lines checked

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