[dpdk-test-report] |WARNING| pw35183 [PATCH] net/i40evf: regression fix - reenable interrupts in handler

checkpatch at dpdk.org checkpatch at dpdk.org
Wed Feb 14 19:30:00 CET 2018

Test-Label: checkpatch
Test-Status: WARNING

_coding style issues_

ERROR:GIT_COMMIT_ID: Please use git commit description style 'commit <12+ chars of sha1> ("<title line>")' - ie: 'Commit 0123456789ab ("commit description")'
Commit 66b8304f removed the rte_intr_enable() call from

WARNING:COMMIT_LOG_LONG_LINE: Possible unwrapped commit description (prefer a maximum 75 chars per line)
i40evf_dev_interrupt_handler() as a "bonus". On one of my systems this causes

WARNING:TYPO_SPELLING: 'beeing' may be misspelled - perhaps 'being'?
the AdminQ messages to stop beeing delivered to the VF. This results in

total: 1 errors, 2 warnings, 0 checks, 7 lines checked

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