[dpdk-test-report] |FAILURE| pw(73346) [v6, 07/10] eal: add lcore init callbacks

sys_stv at intel.com sys_stv at intel.com
Wed Jul 8 03:40:42 CEST 2020

Test-Label: Intel-compilation
Test-Status: FAILURE

_apply issues_

Submitter: David Marchand <david.marchand at redhat.com>
Date: 2020-07-06 20:52:31
Reply_mail: 20200706205234.8040-8-david.marchand at redhat.com

DPDK git baseline:
	Repo:dpdk, CommitID: fea5a82f5643901f8259bb1250acf53d6be4b9cb

* Repo: dpdk
Applying: eal: register non-EAL threads as lcores
error: sha1 information is lacking or useless (lib/librte_eal/common/eal_common_lcore.c).
error: could not build fake ancestor
Patch failed at 0006 eal: register non-EAL threads as lcores
Use 'git am --show-current-patch' to see the failed patch
When you have resolved this problem, run "git am --continue".
If you prefer to skip this patch, run "git am --skip" instead.
To restore the original branch and stop patching, run "git am --abort".

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