[dpdk-web] download links of DPDK hosted projects

Tu, Lijuan lijuan.tu at intel.com
Mon Jan 28 05:57:11 CET 2019

Sounds reasonable, it's ok to me.

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> Subject: [dpdk-web] download links of DPDK hosted projects
> In the following page: https://www.dpdk.org/hosted-projects/
> there are some links "Latest Release" which are outdated.
> I propose to replace them with a "Download" link which goes to the list of
> releases. Examples:
> 	https://git.dpdk.org/apps/pktgen-dpdk/refs/
> 	https://git.dpdk.org/tools/dts/refs/
> 	https://git.dpdk.org/apps/spp/refs/
> Then the link "Git Repo" of DTS should be replaced to:
> 	https://git.dpdk.org/tools/dts/

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