[dpdk-dev] [PATCH v4 01/19] net/thunderx/base: add hardware API for ThunderX nicvf inbuilt NIC

Bruce Richardson bruce.richardson at intel.com
Mon Jun 13 17:09:24 CEST 2016

On Mon, Jun 13, 2016 at 07:25:25PM +0530, Jerin Jacob wrote:
> Adds hardware specific API for ThunderX nicvf inbuilt NIC device under
> drivers/net/thunderx/nicvf/base directory.

Hi Jerin,

we are trying to move away from huge drops of shared code in a single patchfile,
so as to make the commits smaller and then easier to review. Can you split this
patch into e.g. 3+ smaller commits based around logical functionality. For
example, the base code mailbox functionality in the mbox.[ch] files could be
its own commit. Obviously, the finer-grained the breakdown the better :-), but
I'd rather not see patches >1 kloc looking to be merged in.


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