[dpdk-dev] [PATCH] devtools: check wrong svg include in patches

Arnon Warshavsky arnon at qwilt.com
Wed Oct 31 16:46:56 CET 2018

Hi Thomas

Glad the function gets to be reused :)
Now that it has more than one consumer apparently the function
check_forbidden_additions() cannot be fed by stdin.
I got it working with 3 changes:

1. call the awk script with $tmpinput as a parameter instead of stdin. This
aligns with Neils changes from previous version
2. Escaped the spaces from the regex , as the awk script uses spaces to
tell multiple forbidden expressions apart (which now I see sucks ...),
    and added an extra backslash
3. call the function with no parameters (not needed anymore)

        awk -v FOLDERS="lib drivers" \
                -v EXPRESSIONS="rte_panic\\\( rte_exit\\\(" \
                -v RET_ON_FAIL=1 \
-               -f $(dirname $(readlink -e $0))/check-forbidden-tokens.awk -
+               -f $(dirname $(readlink -e $0))/check-forbidden-tokens.awk
+       awk -v FOLDERS='doc' \
+               -v EXPRESSIONS='*::[[:space:]]*[^[:space:]]*\\\.svg*' \
+               -v RET_ON_FAIL=1 \
+               -f $(dirname $(readlink -e $0))/check-forbidden-tokens.awk

        ! $verbose || printf '\nChecking forbidden tokens additions:\n'
-       report=$(check_forbidden_additions *<"$tmpinput"*)
+       report=$(check_forbidden_additions)


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