[dpdk-users] Possible to rate limit a VF on ConnectX-3 ?

Jesper Wramberg jesper.wramberg at gmail.com
Fri Dec 4 15:46:21 CET 2015

Hey all,

Just some info in case someone runs into a similar problem in the future.
It seems that you can use:
ip link set <pf> vf <x> vlan <y> qos <z>
to apply a QoS prio to a VF which translates directly to a user prio (which
can then be moved between traffic classes with different rate limits).
I can't seem to get this running with VGT, however, only with VST or
specific VLAN ids. So I guess my problem is partially solved :-) Ideally, I
would like to use VGT so the VF can transmit with any VLAN without any
changes to the packet. Unfortunately, I can't seem to figure out if/how
this works.

Best Regards,

2015-12-03 9:51 GMT+01:00 Jesper Wramberg <jesper.wramberg at gmail.com>:

> Morning all,
> I was wondering if anyone know if/how you can rate limit a virtual
> function on a ConnectX-3 ?
> I am running OFED 3.1 and NIC FW 2.34.5060 (latest from dell). I have
> tried the following with no luck:
> ip link set <pf> vf <x> rate <y>
> mlnx_qos
> mlnx_qcn
> The closest I have gotten was with mlnx_qos but it seems I can only rate
> limit all traffic or no traffic (using traffic class 0). I tried
> manipulating the TCs with tc_wrap but it seem that all traffic falls into
> user priority 0 or something ? I also tried using different TX queues in
> DPDK but the result was the same. The other commands seems to have no
> effect at all. My mlx4_core.conf file looks like this:
> options mlx4_core port_type_array=2,2 num_vfs=3 probe_vf=3
> log_num_mgm_entry_size=-1 fast_drop=1 use_prio=1 enable_qos=1
> enable_vfs_qos=1
> I simply tried to enable everything that might be relevant :-)
> Alternatively, I also configured the transmitter using the VF to use one
> specific VLAN with one specific priority. Unfortunately I couldn't seem to
> rate limit based on VLAN or VLAN prio either :-(
> Best Regards,
> Jesper

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