[dpdk-users] Possible to rate limit a VF on ConnectX-3 ?

Gilad Berman giladb at mellanox.com
Fri Dec 4 22:07:11 CET 2015


QoS for VF currently working only for VST mode (see the user's guide). Let's take it offline (i.e mail me in private) to avoid spamming the list (and them we can post solution here) and we'll try to sort this out. 

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Hey all,

Just some info in case someone runs into a similar problem in the future.
It seems that you can use:
ip link set <pf> vf <x> vlan <y> qos <z> to apply a QoS prio to a VF which translates directly to a user prio (which can then be moved between traffic classes with different rate limits).
I can't seem to get this running with VGT, however, only with VST or specific VLAN ids. So I guess my problem is partially solved :-) Ideally, I would like to use VGT so the VF can transmit with any VLAN without any changes to the packet. Unfortunately, I can't seem to figure out if/how this works.

Best Regards,

2015-12-03 9:51 GMT+01:00 Jesper Wramberg <jesper.wramberg at gmail.com>:

> Morning all,
> I was wondering if anyone know if/how you can rate limit a virtual 
> function on a ConnectX-3 ?
> I am running OFED 3.1 and NIC FW 2.34.5060 (latest from dell). I have 
> tried the following with no luck:
> ip link set <pf> vf <x> rate <y>
> mlnx_qos
> mlnx_qcn
> The closest I have gotten was with mlnx_qos but it seems I can only 
> rate limit all traffic or no traffic (using traffic class 0). I tried 
> manipulating the TCs with tc_wrap but it seem that all traffic falls 
> into user priority 0 or something ? I also tried using different TX 
> queues in DPDK but the result was the same. The other commands seems 
> to have no effect at all. My mlx4_core.conf file looks like this:
> options mlx4_core port_type_array=2,2 num_vfs=3 probe_vf=3
> log_num_mgm_entry_size=-1 fast_drop=1 use_prio=1 enable_qos=1
> enable_vfs_qos=1
> I simply tried to enable everything that might be relevant :-) 
> Alternatively, I also configured the transmitter using the VF to use 
> one specific VLAN with one specific priority. Unfortunately I couldn't 
> seem to rate limit based on VLAN or VLAN prio either :-(
> Best Regards,
> Jesper

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