[dpdk-users] 82575EB binding is failed

mariappan.rajendran at infinite.com mariappan.rajendran at infinite.com
Wed Apr 6 11:51:22 CEST 2016

Hi Team,

I am running DPDK 2.2.0 on top of Ubuntu 14.04 and my server have 2 NIC cards. With this, when I am trying to bind my non active 82575EB NIC to DPDK, but after giving the  PCI ID, the server hanged. Below are the logs from setup.sh.

Option: 23

Network devices using DPDK-compatible driver

Network devices using kernel driver
0000:03:00.0 '82575EB Gigabit Network Connection' if=eth0 drv=igb unused=igb_uio *Active*
0000:03:00.1 '82575EB Gigabit Network Connection' if=eth1 drv=igb unused=igb_uio 

Other network devices

Enter PCI address of device to bind to IGB UIO driver: 0000:03:00.1

Press enter to continue ... (after binding system resides in this same screen)

I also ensured that this NIC is supported or not by DPDK by browsing  the rte_pci_dev_ids.h file, it is there, but still the binding is failed. Below are the logs.

tellabs at tellabs:~/dpdk-1.7.1$ lspci -nn | grep -i eth
03:00.0 Ethernet controller [0200]: Intel Corporation 82575EB Gigabit Network Connection [8086:10a7] (rev 02)
03:00.1 Ethernet controller [0200]: Intel Corporation 82575EB Gigabit Network Connection [8086:10a7] (rev 02)

tellabs at tellabs:~/dpdk$ grep -i "10a7" lib/librte_eal/common/include/rte_pci_dev_ids.h
#define E1000_DEV_ID_82575EB_COPPER             0x10A7

Please let me know what could be the problem, and how to resolve it.  Your help is much appreciated.


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