[dpdk-users] Configuring MAC Address of KNI - Don't want random

sml sml.caerus at gmail.com
Sat Apr 9 07:41:27 CEST 2016


I am having an issue where when creating the KNI interface I would like to
KEEP the hardware MAC address.  I can properly create the interface.  It
starts in a down state, I then need to manually ifconfig the IP Address and
MAC address with UP to get what I need.  If I just do the plain ifconfig -v
vEth0_0 up - it assigns a random mac address.  (Using a e1000 as well I350
and emulated e1000)

This also happens if you DOWN the interface and bring it UP using ifconfig
again.  Using Version 2.2.0

What is the proper procedure/flow for doing this within the codebase so I
can have the end result of the original hardware MAC and the interface in
an UP state?

Sorry if this seems basic I just can't seem to find any examples of how
this is done.

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