[dpdk-users] DPDK RSS default behavior

Talel Shenhar talel at annapurnalabs.com
Tue Feb 2 14:31:21 CET 2016

Hello dpdk-uesrs.

I am new member of this list.
thanks for any help.

I am currently working on adding RSS to our PMD driver which will
eventually configure our hardware.

I have a question in regards to DPDK framework  behavior in regards to RSS.

Should i expect DPDK framework to configure my PMD to some default
indirection table in case the application set the device to use RSS?
(mq_mode = ETH_MQ_RX_RSS)

I came accross some good post on DPDK-RSS which says DPDK should configure
default table:


The question is:
will DPDK call the RSS API i register with some default table in case
application enabled RSS? or should i read this flag in my dev_configure()
callback and construct this table?

APIs i have registered:

Testing it does not show that DPDK calls to these API in case of flag
(It does call them in case application call them explicitly)

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