[dpdk-users] HOW to forward vlan pkt using DPDK loadbalancer and L2FD, with intel 82599ES

Caianning caianning at huawei.com
Fri Nov 4 03:51:07 CET 2016


         I am using DPDK 16.07 example loadbalancer to as LB to forward vlan pkt to applications. LB and applications are using VFs bound with DPDK igb_uio driver.
But I found the packet can not be send from LB to application. Pkt input to LB with vlan, after LB processing it is sent out to application using another VF.

As 82599 need vlan filters if we use VF to process vlan pkts, in the LB we called rte api to add a vlan filter and enable vlan flilter. And set port_conf with vlan strip off.
And for the application(L2FWD) we use the cmd: ip link set PFxxx VF yy vlan VLANID.

In the LB ,we can receive pkts with vlan, after processing(cut the head and add another L2 head with same vlan tag, set destination MAC to application VF), it is send out to the application VF.
the result is: LB can still processing ,but all the pkt post.

We also did an experiment using testPMD to forward vlan pkt to application on the same VF used by LB, and it is OK.
We tried kinds of different set of vlan filter, vlan strip, ip link set, but found no solution.

Does anyone meet the similar problem? And what factor casued the difference?


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