[dpdk-users] HOW to forward vlan pkt using DPDK loadbalancer and L2FD, with intel 82599ES

Lu, Wenzhuo wenzhuo.lu at intel.com
Fri Nov 4 06:19:41 CET 2016

Hi Anning,

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> Subject: [dpdk-dev] HOW to forward vlan pkt using DPDK loadbalancer and L2FD,
> with intel 82599ES
> HI,
>          I am using DPDK 16.07 example loadbalancer to as LB to forward vlan pkt
> to applications. LB and applications are using VFs bound with DPDK igb_uio
> driver.
> But I found the packet can not be send from LB to application. Pkt input to LB
> with vlan, after LB processing it is sent out to application using another VF.
> As 82599 need vlan filters if we use VF to process vlan pkts, in the LB we called
> rte api to add a vlan filter and enable vlan flilter. And set port_conf with vlan
> strip off.
> And for the application(L2FWD) we use the cmd: ip link set PFxxx VF yy vlan
> In the LB ,we can receive pkts with vlan, after processing(cut the head and add
> another L2 head with same vlan tag, set destination MAC to application VF), it is
> send out to the application VF.
> the result is: LB can still processing ,but all the pkt post.
> We also did an experiment using testPMD to forward vlan pkt to application on
> the same VF used by LB, and it is OK.
> We tried kinds of different set of vlan filter, vlan strip, ip link set, but found no
> solution.
> Does anyone meet the similar problem? And what factor casued the difference?
> Thx.
I saw you mentioned testpmd is fine. Testpmd is a very simple example, normally it forwards packets blindly. It means there's no route rule. It just forwards packets from one port to another.
I guess the difference is the APP you use has some rules for routing/swithing.

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