[dpdk-users] Preventing DPDK packet loss in L2 forwarding

Sungho Hong shong59 at asu.edu
Thu Dec 14 20:13:47 CET 2017

Hello I have implemented pingpong for DPDK. with the client sending the
packets and the server receiving the packets and then returning them.

The server part is implemented similar to the L2 forwarding sample in the
DPDK official website.

While doing the L2 forwarding I have noticed that there are packet losses
while I forward the the packets from the receiver queue to the transfer

My question is ... is there a way to make the packet loss into zero?

I could not find the solution to this since the sample applications from
DPDK website all have packet losses.

the packet losses are counted by the callback function below

rte_eth_tx_buffer_count_callback, &port_statistics[portid].dropped);

this is the result I have from the L2 forwarding

Port statistics ====================================
Statistics for port 0 ------------------------------
Packets sent:                   384126
Packets received:               379889
Packets dropped:                  4237
Aggregate statistics ===============================
Total packets sent:             384126
Total packets received:         379889
Total packets dropped:            4237

since my implementation is just pingpong and have very simple
implementation, I don't believe that there should be any packet losses in
my case.

Thank you for reading this letter
Sungho Hong

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