[dpdk-users] How to using add/lookup hash table in multithread environment

vuonglv at viettel.com.vn vuonglv at viettel.com.vn
Fri May 5 04:32:24 CEST 2017

Hi DPDK team,
I am using DPDK to build a program in multithread environment.
I use 1 thread (on 1 core) to add and delete hash table key ( by 
rte_hash_add_key() and rte_hash_del_key() function); And use 8 thread 
(on 8 others core) to lookup (by rte_hash_lookup() function ).
As I know, rte_hash_lookup() function is /multi-thread safe,/ and 
te_hash_add_key() and rte_hash_del_key() function is not /multi-thread 
So: Do I need using /lock/ when I add or delete key by 1 thread while 8 
others thread is looking-up?

Many thanks,
Vuong Le

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