[dpdk-users] RSS for non IP protocols

Chilikin, Andrey andrey.chilikin at intel.com
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For X710 default input set for ETH_RSS_L2_PAYLOAD flows includes only Ethertype itself. Have a look at " 7.1.2 Packet types and input set" of the latest X710 datasheet.
You can change it by configuring new input set to include 8 words (RTE_ETH_INPUT_SET_FLEX_PAYLOAD_1ST_WORD to RTE_ETH_INPUT_SET_FLEX_PAYLOAD_8TH_WORD) of L2 payload using "struct rte_eth_hash_filter_info info" and then calling rte_eth_dev_filter_ctrl(portid, RTE_ETH_FILTER_HASH, RTE_ETH_FILTER_SET, &info);


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Is there a way we can enable RSS for non IP protocols? By disabling RSS, all the packets are queued to rx queue 0. I tried the ETH_RSS_L2_PAYLOAD option and that don't seem to help on either the 82599 or the X710 controllers.

Suryanathan P

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