[dpdk-users] Sending & Receiving Packets from Internet

Manoj Mallawaarachchi manoj_ws at yahoo.com
Wed May 24 16:23:51 CEST 2017

Dear Team,

Your advice is highly appreciated to achieve two-way traffic forwarding.
On Tue, 5/23/17, Manoj Mallawaarachchi <manoj_ws at yahoo.com> wrote:

 Subject: Sending & Receiving Packets from Internet
 To: users at dpdk.org
 Cc: manoj_ws at yahoo.com
 Date: Tuesday, May 23, 2017, 12:02 AM
 Dear All,
 I'm new to DPDK and try to implement
 below scenario in my physical box having DPDK supported 1GB
 two port NIC( 82575EB)
 Connectivity scenario :
 PC laptop (via cross cable+static
 IP)----> [DPDK physical Box]- DPDK port 0 -->
 L2forwarder -->DPDK port 1 ---> Internet router/Gw.
 Environment :
 DPDK 16.11.1 + Ubuntu 
 My Objective is below:
 1) connect PC via DPDK forwarding
 application reside in DPDK physical box to Internet home
 router and monitor real time traffic while browsing.(The
 DPDK box act as bridge between Internet and client PC.)
 2) Implement QoS for the same traffic
 (source IP based)
 I try to achieve it, but no much
 success, as my forwarding PC able to ping one way after put
 ARP entry as mentioning gateway IP as DPDK port 0 MAC , but
 no reply.
 A) Seeking your valuable advice how to
 configure/develop two way communication app based on L2/L3
 forwarder or any other example. 
 B)Is that required to bind user space
 TCP/IP stack with application to implement such scenario or
 it  can achieve via L2 or L3 forwarder?
 C) Advice on how to setup the physical
 Note: I refer below discussions to get
 more clarity but not fully resolved my objective:
 Seeking your valuable advice to way
 Thank you,
 Manoj M

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